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A selection of 5 local cheeses with local chutney: mixed fruit & berries, fig & honey and pear jelly along with a selection of artisanal wafers.

Welsh Brie

This Brie is rich, buttery, creamy, and quite simply a beautiful thing, reinvented, by the very clever people at Caws Cenarth. It's soothing, mellow, nutty and delightfully gooey at its centre. We're confident that the residents of Meaux in Northern France, where Brie originated way back in the 8th century, would give its Welsh cousin a well-deserved ``Je T'aime``.

Bourne's Blue

If you adore blue cheese like I adore blue cheese, then get ready to fall in love. She's luscious, bold and adventurous and I haven't had a crush like this since high school. The satisfying, sharp and salty tongue tingle of this blue cheese wants a drizzle of honey, or perhaps the sweet crunch of a candied walnut. Before you know it, you'll be writing its name on your pencil case.

Sheep Rustler

A slighter firmer alternative to goats' cheese, Sheep Rustler has the right amount of warmth and nuttiness that you love in a goats cheese, with just a lingering hint of sweetness. This cheese turns into a veritable love poem when enjoyed with quince jelly. Me, I like to close my eyes and drift away with each mouthful, daydreaming about the coming spring and the smell of fresh-cut meadows.

Drunken Burt

Be prepared to question your long‐held belief that you find pleasure in sharing. If heaven is made of cheese, it's made of this cheese. You may think us biased, but you'll need to marshal every ounce of self‐control you have inside you, not to race to a quiet corner of your house to enjoy this cheese alone. It begins with the subtle notes you'd expect from a mild blue cheese, chased by a hint of salt and smoke, followed by a sweetness at the end that comes from the cider bath it relaxed in on the way to being ready for you to eat. Drunken Burt, eaten at room temperature, will melt your heart.

Bourne's Cheshire

If this cheese was a chap stood at the bar, he'd be wearing tweed, a monocle and a dicky bow. This cheese is eccentric and entertaining and reminds you why we're the world's best cheesemakers. Dense and crumbly, mild but with that characteristic tang that's made Cheshire cheese one of our nations favourites, this cheese favours a good punchy chutney and a classic water biscuit - and maybe, if you fancy it, a pair of plus fours - just so feel the part!

The Cheese Club